Adrian Indermaur

Adrian Indermaur was born 1984 in a remote countryside village in Switzerland. This environment sparked an early interest in nature and its processes, which led him to the study of biology. He finished in spring 2014 handing in his dissertation on ecological and phylo-geographic aspects of Lake Tanganyika cichlid assemblages. Today he works permanently as head of fish facility at the University of Basel, Switzerland. His brother had introduced Adrian to the aquarium hobby in 1996 keeping Betta spp. and finally a pair of Pelvicachromis pulcher. Ever since cichlids of all kind have never lost their fascination and during his travels in Nicaragua,Costa Rica, Panama, Egypt and so forth, he would always have an eye open for the colorful fish. In the framework of his job he took part in several sampling trips to Lake Tanganyika (Zambia, Tanzania and Burundi) as well as the Crater Lakes and rivers of Cameroon and Ghana during the last 8 years. Further Adrian is an author for the Cichlid Room Companion and has recently started to publish articles in popular magazines.

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