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My name is Age Dorenstouter,

and I was born in 1952 in Amsterdam. Moved to Leeuwarden after a few weeks I was born and lived there for 4 years. Then my parents moved back to Amsterdam again. And since 1979 I am living in Lelystad. I am keeping fish since my 5th year and doing that until now. In the 70's I started keeping cichlids from Lake Malawi. I had a second (cichlid) love which where the cichlids from west Africa, which I held along the Malawi's. 10 years ago I quitted keeping Malawi cichlids and switched totally to west African cichlids. Beside the west African cichlids I also keep small ditter fish like characin, catfish, barbs and more different species. I am especially proud of the fish we caught during the 2 WAC collecting tours ('15 & '17) to Cameroon which I joined together with my son.

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