Anton Lamboj


Was born 1956 and has been an aquarist since the age of ten. Around 1980, he began to take a special interest in the cichlids of West and Central Africa. This interests led, in 1988, to the beginning of his academic education at the University of Vienna. Focus in science and hobby  are West African cichlids. His ongoing work combines morphological and anatomical methods as well as ethological studies and molecular methods.
As an aquarist, he is interested in many other groups of fish (“every fish is of interest and beautiful”), like Anabantoids and West African Killies.
Anton Lamboj has made numerous field/collecting trips to Africa, South East Asia, Australia, Central America and South America. Recently, he holds about 45 tanks, he has authored more then 400 papers (both academic and hobbist) in eleven languages, including six books and contributions to about 40 other books (aquaristic and scientific). Till now, he has described 4 genera and 23 species. 
He is lecturer and associated scientist at the University of Vienna/Austria and the University of Applied Sciences in Wels/Upper Austria, chief editor of the Austrian aquarium and terrarium journal, curator in the C.A.R.E.S. program and at Cichlid Room Companion; also honorary member of the French Cichlid Ass. (AFC), the Hill Country Cichlid Club (HCCC), Texas, the Nordiska Ciklidsällskapet (NSC) and Multicolor Ailingen (Germany). 2011 he was honored for his international work for the hobby as a „Mastère fédéral d‘aquariophilie“ by the French Aquarium Federation FFA, 2015 he got the „Scientist Award“ from CAOAC (Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs). For many years he was president of the Austrian Federation of Aquarium and Terrarium Clubs (OEVVOE), where he is now „President in Honor“.

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