Ben Thiry

Seller of the beverage, lunch & dinner coupons (a very important person)!


My name is Ben Thiry,

and I was born in Amsterdam in 1948. On my 9th year I got my first aquarium, and since then I always kept fish. I originally was a Gardner, but I switched profession and became an Aquarium Shopkeeper from 1976 till 1984, and was the rpoud owner of the Corydoras Aquariumshop. The specia-lisation of this shop where south en central American cichlids. After this period I was working at a Koi shop, and made some pretty nice big koi ponds. At this moment i have 21 Aquariums in which I keep central American cichlids, Goodidae and west/central African cichlids. I am a prour member of the Goodidae cluch and ofcourse the WAC group!

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