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Covid 19 and what we all should be aware of !

As we all know we are dealing with the pandemic crisis called Covid19, also known as the Corona virus. The 2020 International WAC Meeting was one of the last events which took place in Nordrhein-Westfalen (the German state, where Dülmen is located) before the German Government decided that is was not allowed to organize events for the time being. Looking back we can say that we have been lucky the event could proceed as planned.


We (the Organizers of the International WAC Meeting) are confident about our upcoming WAC Meeting 2021, but we are obliged to point out the specific details if it comes to a possible cancellation of the event.


In following details we explain what will be the cancellation procedure and what will be refunded under the mentioned cancellation procedure.


When the German government orders the hotel that future events which will take place in Hotel Merfelder Hof should be cancelled, following cancellation fees will be applicable:

The organization of the International WAC Meeting is not obliged to pay the hotel for its reservations and all other reserved items. In the case this will happen we will postpone the International WAC Meeting to 17-19 September 2021. And all reservations will be forwarded to that weekend and we will continue where we left prior to our actual WAC Meeting in March.


In case a participant will cancel his reservation after he did his payment to the International WAC Meeting 2021, following cancellation fees will be applicable:

There will be no refund of the fee, because the participant cancelled his participation and the organization of the International WAC Meeting made costs by producing the T-shirt, coffee mug, WAC Calendar and the organization still have to pay for the room of the participant to the hotel venue.


People who cancel their payed reservation can be sure that we will keep the WAC Meeting goodies (t-shirt, the WAC Year calendar, Coffee mug and WAC Poster) safe and stored until the next International WAC Meeting, where you can pick them up.


The WAC Meetings organsizers are not liable or responsable for any kind of financial consequences which can/could appear in case of a Covid19 measurement taking by  the German Government ( or any other Government)!

We hope that everybody understand this, but please consider our situation as well in this very odd times we are living in.


The WAC Meeting Organizing Team