Rene Kruter

Packing fish .........
My name is René Kruter and among other things I have been working on and working with fish food for the last 35 years.
It all started with some delicate fish exported from Lake Tanganyika. These specific species did not tolerate the aquarium feeds offered at that time. As an exporter of these fish I had to look for proper feeds that kept these fish alive and healthy in captivity. I had to learn a lot about ingredients, production processes and fish nutrition. This study started 35 years ago and still continues. The Aquaculture feeds are developing every year and this is where most of the modern knowledge comes from. How to implement this new knowledge and developments into aquarium feeds is what I do on a daily bases.
At the WAC meetings I always get lots of questions about what could be the proper feed for our west African Cichlids and their tankmates. I’ve had many interesting discussions with Wac members and I have to admit that I am learning a lot from these experienced breeders and collectors. Visiting the biotopes of our beloved fishes gave me another perspective on the feeding habits of our cichlids. Fellow Collecting Tour travelers might have noticed that I have a special interest in the soil, leaves and small insects at the fish biotopes.
At the 2021 WAC meeting I will ask an hour of your time to listen to my lecture about "Packing fish properly"I hope you will like it.

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