Jouke v.d. Zee


Jouke van der Zee (1953)
I graduated in biology in 1984 at Radboud University in Nijmegen (Netherlands). Specialization: aquatic ecology, fish embryology and fish culture. Since 1978 I am an associate taxonomist at Royal Museum of Central Africa and responsible for identification of African Cyprinodontiformes. I published many articles about killifishes  in international general and specialized aquarium journals , contributed to scientific books about the fish fauna of Upper and Lower Guinea and I described 18 killifish taxa in scientific journals. In one of my latest papers we discovered by accident a cryptic Aphyosemion species: A. cryptum. It looks very similar to A. coeleste and lives syntopic with it, but prefers a different micro habitat and is genetically well separated from A. coeleste (Van der Zee et al. 2018). At present I'm focusing on the subject of cryptic species and convergent evolution. My presentation at WAC 2022 is titled: Increasing taxonomic surprises in West African killifishes with some notes on collecting and breeding

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