Sunday March 14

09.00 Day opening in the Conference room​ 

09.10 Lecture by Uwe Werner -
Some Cichlids of (West) African rivers

10.15 Coffee break - 30 minutes break!!!

 10.45  Lecture by Joris Aerts

The link between the last ice age and the distribution of killifish in Cameroon


 12.00   Lunch (included for those who  

                           booked the hotel through the WAC-group)

                           Day guests can buy lunch coupons. 

 13.15 Lecture by Anton Lamboj


14.30 AUCTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do we have in the Auction?????

15.00 Raffle with great prizes ) Framed Fish pictures, Aquarium Münster,JBL,Vitalis, Aqua Mediq & Aqua Forrest - The best prizes ever!!!!!!

16.00 Aknowledgments by Rene Kruter & Stefan Inselmann                     "End of the 9th International WAC-meeting 2020"

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist