Sunday March 15

09.25 Lecture by Michel Keijman- Part two -

 Report of the 2020 WAC Collecting tour to   Guinea. Lots of beautiful sceneries and fishes.

10.35 Coffee break - 30 minutes break!!!

 11.05 Lecture by Stefan Inselmann 

„Physical and chemical water characteristics of Cameroonian habitats– lessons learnt for the aquarium“


 12.20   Lunch (included for those who  

                           booked the hotel through the WAC-group)

                           Day guests can buy lunch coupons. 

 13.45 Lecture by Russell Brian Tate - 

Sierra Leone - Waanje River

15.15 Raffle with great prizes ) Framed Fish pictures, Aquarium Münster & JBL Food packadges  

16.00 Aknowledgments by Michel Keijman.                       "End of the 8th International WAC-meeting 2020"

09.20 Day opening in the Conference room​ 

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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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