Michel Keijman

Founder  of the WAC group & Organizer of the WAC Meeting


Born in the Netherlands, 1965

Aquarist since 1985

After he had worked as a professional Chef, he became the owner of 2 tour-operators and is still working in tourism.
He started with the aquarium hobby in the mid 80's, and one of his first cichlids het kept were Hemichromis guttatus. After a while he focused on the cichlids of Central America, in particular the ones from southern Mexico. He very early got in contact with Hans van Heusden who happened to live in the same town as he did. Together they specialized in keeping cichlids from southern Mexico.
Together with Hans he travelled many times to Mexico (7 trips)  to collect his beloved cichlids. He furthermore visited other countries to search for cichlids, namely Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.
Since 1999 he started traveling in West-African countries, searching for cichlids. He made 4 collecting trips to Ghana, a collecting tour to Guinee and 10 collecting trips to Cameroon. Michel Keijman keeps and photographs West-African cichlids for about 19 years now. He also writes articles in popular fish magazines about his 

beautiful and beloved cichlids. 
Michel is also the founder of the WAC-group on Facebook which he started in 2012. He wanted to create a platform for devotees of West and Central African cichlids. At the moment the WAC-group has got more than 1500 members worldwide.

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