Michel Keijman

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Michel Keijman (1965)

Michel Keijman is an enthusiastic aquarist, who has been traveling through Central America since 1989. Here he was looking for cichlids and other fish species. Since 2004, he has switched Continents and since then he visits Africa to look for cichlids over there. These trips brought him to Ghana (5 times), Guinea (1x) and Cameroon (11x). Of which can be said that Cameroon is the country, which he has visited the most by now and also has his preference. 

Michel has besides taking care of his cichlids, writing about and photographing these fish as his second great passion. What results in publications in various magazines and club Bulletins. Furthermore, he has published his first book on the Cichlids of Guinea, which was completely sold out within 3 weeks and was therefore a success. He is currently working on his second book, which will be about the Cichlids of Cameroon.

In 2012 he started the Facebook Group, called the WAC Group, with the aim of promoting the cichlids from this part of Africa. This group, in the meantime, has become the largest West- and Central African cichlid community worldwide.  In 2013 Michel organized the first International WAC Meeting. At that time it was held in the Netherlands, but the following year it was already held in Germany, where it is still held today. He is proud of what it has become and what it still is today: An annual meeting of friends!

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