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My fish cv!

I am René Krüter 58 years young and a fishkeeper/breeder as long as I can remember ;-) The interest is a broad one; cichlids, killy's, catfish etc. They all have my passionate attention. During my biology study I started working for Verduyn Cichlids and soon my dream came thru to visit Lake Tanganyika. Within a few years I started to cooperate with local people in Zambia to export fish from the lake. It was the pioneers periode. New fish to discover and new catching technics to be developed.A wonderful and exciting period in my live. We started Kruter Tropicals and exported fish to the whole world. First from Zambia, later from the Congo. Lots of funny and scary stories to tell around the campfire in February! I had to leave the Congo 22 years ago when the war between Hutu's and Tutsi's broke out. it was a near escape from Kalemi (also a campfire story).

Having a small child at home at that time made me decide to stop living half the year in dangerous Congo. While exporting fish from lake Tanganyika we also developed specialized fishfood in cooperation with OSI USA. the food was first sent with the fish boxes as starter food for newly imported fish but very soon became a big succes. We were selling OSI fishfood all over Europe and in much larger quantities then expected. The choice of starting Trans Europe Aquatics and stopping the live fish business was an easy one.

A different live started, TEA was soon the importer for many products such as Back to Nature backgrounds, ABA bacteria, Grand champion Koi food and many more. The love for keeping and breeding fish never disappeared and the back part of the warehouse became a fish room. Breeding fish has been a constant in my life, I can't live without out it. The sport has always been to breed something new and distribute the offspring among hobbyists. I am very proud to say that a lot of now commonly available fish were first bred and distributed from my little fish room.

About 30 years ago the Japanese Koi were properly introduced in Holland and since it is a fish, although a bit bigger than I was used to, it got my interest. Not for breeding them although I did it once (never again, another campfire story) but the nutritional aspects of Koi. OSI got me already involved in fishfood production but Koi was the biggest challenge. This resulted into a cooperation with a Japanese partner and a study of Koi nutrition. TEA became Japan Pet Products and until today we are developing and making koi food and all kinds of petfood.

My interests in West African fish are mostly the smaller cichlids that have some kind of specialization; goby cichlids, pelvicachromis and related species, endangered and rare species so I can breed them and distribute into the hobby.

Countries I've visited with main purpose to see the fish are; Zambia, Congo, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, Burundi, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Suriname, Belize, Uruguay, Singapore, Malaysia, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, South Korea and Japan. 

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