Thomas Minesi


Thomas Minesi (1986)

Owner and cost manager of a road transport company based in DR Congo. Master in business management and finance in Nice France. 
I am born and raised in DR Congo in family of nature conservation, where my passion for fishes have started when I was around 5 years old. Since that age I have mostly been passionate by Cichlids of the DR Congo and from the rest of the world. Never took the turn to do biology class to study Ichthyology, but the passion is so strong and the observation during all these years have allowed me to be in front of you this year. 
Since 2018, I am passionate by the river Fwa and it’s endemic fish species, this encounter have raised the passion of photography of aquatic biotope and it’s fishes to share to the hobby community.
My goal is to share and “educate” passionate people about Congolese aquatics biotopes, so more and more are aware of Congolese natural beauty and the need to protect it.

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