Luc Genie 

WAC meeting photographer

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I was born on July 24th, 195 in Sint-Agatha-Berchem (municipality of Brussels). I'm a retired banker and live in Sart-Dames-Avelines, Walloon Brabant (Belgium). My interest in the aquarium world started in 1976. My first aquarium was populated with discus. But soon my choice fell on Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids. In the early 1980s, the availability of cichlids from these lakes was enormous and new species were regularly discovered and imported. When purchasing these jewels, breeding was always my main goal. The Cyphotilapia frontosa is and remains my favorite cichlid. Now my emphasis is on breeding Notropis chrosomus, Synodontis lucipinnis and Caridina Cristal red shrimp (color selection). As the hobby is so diverse I still think of expanding. I want to keep Potamotrygon rays and Cichla monoculus which require a lot of space. All my aquariums are made by myself. The biggest one that I stuck for a friend was a container  of 9 m. I'm member of ABC and AFC. I take part in congresses and fish fairs. I'm also interested in reading, travelling, and photography.

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